Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sixers–Wizards, Blow-out, Rinse, Repeat

I’m happy to see my Sixers get back in the win column again. I don’t care how bad the Wizards are. At some point you have to give the Sixers credit for not just beating a bad team but dominating a bad team. And the Sixers dominated a bad Wizards team.  

Jodie Meeks celebrates after scoring three of his season-high 26-points. (AP)

"If everybody's going to be selfish, it doesn't matter what the lineup is," guard John Wall said. "When you're a losing team, guys don't want to hang around with each other. Win a few games and we'll be OK."

I can’t image how hard it is to be a Wizards fan. Everybody knows what’s going on and they are hapless to change it. Wall’s attitude that winning mends all fences is sound, but I don’t see how that’s gonna happen. As Malik Rose said last nite, They have a bunch of young players and players on the last year or 2 of their contracts. All they are worried about was getting their points.

The Sixers and Wizards are polar opposites.

Like other fans out there, I want to see how the Sixers match up with some of the better teams. At this point in their maturation they need to learn how to adjust when teams exploit their weaknesses. We know they have a hard time with long teams. The Sixers are overmatch on the boards and get beat up in the post. They can’t get better at it without more experience.

But, as I said earlier, the Sixers should get extra credit for blowing out a bad team in a home and home tilt. So tonite …

Rinse, Repeat, blow-out

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