Monday, January 16, 2012

Caution: Speed Bump Ahead

Today the MLK Day game is back in Philly. This is a great game to take the kids to. The Sixers do a good job of paying homage to Dr. King and the matinee start time (2PM) means the kids can stay awake to see the game.  

But over the years I found this 2 o’clock start to a bit of a speed bump for teams. The shooting at the start will be off. Often for both teams. Some teams shake off the slow start (A last second jumper from Dirk Nowitzki comes to mind). Other teams never adjust and get pasted.

It adds another wrinkle to the schedule in this wacky season.  There was no practice for the Sixers yesterday after a 2nd command performance over the Wizards Saturday nite. So you really have no idea what’s gonna happen here. I understand Andrew Bogut is expected to play. So the Sixers will have their hands full.

You will see more obstacles  ahead this week when you peek at the schedule. The Nuggets are in town Wednesday and the Hawks on Friday. Both winning teams. The Sixers match up well to them, but it’s not a given the Sixers will win. And then they Sixers travel to Miami on Saturday to end the week with back to back games.

So is this the week the Sixers don’t finish with a winning record? I don’t think so. But I can’t tell you for sure how that’s gonna happen. That’s all the more reason to watch. Heck, come on out to a game. This team deserves better attendance.

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