Thursday, January 12, 2012

What do ya mean “The Sixers don’t play tonite”?

What do ya mean “The Sixers don’t play tonite”? Are you sure?

Yes, it has come to this already. All I can remember doing is work, diner, Sixers basketball, sleep, rinse and repeat.

Friday, Jan. 6th
Too much fun at the Sixers season opener last Friday.
Saturday, Jan. 7th
Had to stay home an watch the Toronto Raptors beat down on TV. So Ed Stefanski, this is your new team.  Oh boy, do you have some work to do. The departure of Chris Bosh has left this team in rebuild mode. What? Don’t want to rebuild? Let fast Eddie build you a team with nice luxury tax cap and no superstars.  Not sure what Toronto the decision criteria was to hire Ed. He’s a nice guy, maybe that’s was enough.


Sunday, Jan. 8th
Read every Sixers article available on the internet. Ok, all the ones I cared to read. I am miffed the national guys aren’t showing the Sixers more love. Then I watched playoff football until the outcome was inevitable. Went to bed early (earlier than usual any way).  Sleep

Monday, Mon. 9th
Work, dinner, drive to WCU …
I started to worry about the Pacers. The national press has been taking them up. But my fear was for naught. The basketball gods had ruled that Danny Granger Shalt not play, and stricken him with food poisoning. The Pacers gave a good effort. But
Thad Young was monster in this one. After the Sixers had taken control of the game, the guy next to me starts going on an on about how lucky the Sixers have been to not have to face the teams leading scorer in most of their wins . That’s just nonsense. This is what you’re gonna get this season. Guys are gonna be out. You still have to win the game. The Sixers will be on the short end of it this season. Just like everyone else. Watch what happens. They may win or they may lose, but they probably won’t get blown-out.


Tues., Jan/ 10th
Work, dinner, time for Sixers vs. Kings. What does it say about your expectations when you fire the coach two weeks into the season. They are not leaving Sacramento. Maybe nobody else really wanted them. JBOD playing out the string. The Sixers wax the floor with them. At some point in the fourth I’m getting kinda board with these blow-outs. I never thought I would say that.


Wed., Jan. 11

Work, Work, Work, dinner
Can’t wait to see my boys match up to the Knicks. Boy that would be sweet to get an early win at the Garden. What? Hawes is a no go. Down a big man against a very long team. This does not look good. The Sixers get pushed around early, but the Knicks just don’t have the killer instinct. The Sixers hang around for the entire game. Knicks fans were sweating it once again. But the Sixers just didn’t have the juice. They fall 79-85 … Hey, what was that with Mike D’Antioni not shaking hands with Coach Collins. He looked like he had to catch a train.

Sleep, bad dreams, sleep

Thurs., Jan 12
Work,Work, dinner, What?  

What do ya mean “The Sixers don’t play tonite”?  I have to wait until tomorrow.? The Wizard’s you say?

Sleep,  “John Wall nightmare”, Sleep, Sleep ….

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