Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Have we seen the last of Allen Iverson?

So here’s a scary thought. I received a text message this yesterday afternoon. It was an Update from the Sixers informing us that Allen Iverson will not be with the team tonite and will be out indefinitely. The first thought that came to mind is “Have we seen the last of Allen Iverson”?

So here’s the scary thought. As I started to write this post I discovered that the loud guy with the pretentious A (Stephen A. Smith) was thinking the same thing. Say Goodbye to Allen Iverson. That’s a scary thought.

Allen is leaving the team to look after his daughter. It’s a noble leave of absence.The unknown illness has been a concern for some time. Everyone knows that Allen is a family first guy. But it was Stephen A. that raised the question during the All-Star break … if he were that mature superstar his fans like to position him as “Wouldn’t he be at the All Star Game”? I’m sure he might add that Allen should be with the team now and let the best doctors money can buy look after his child.

Stephen A. Smith can be an ass.

AI-Get-Loud But at best the AI experiment has been a brush with nostalgia. To see Allen back in a Sixers uniform has put a few more fannies in the seats at the Wach. It was obvious that the only reason many of the people around me where there was to see Allen and a glimpse of 2001. There’s nothing wrong what that. You can say his return was just a parlor trick by the GM. There’s probable nothing terribly wrong with that either.

Allen’s return did not hurt this team. He has been a model citizen. He has played within himself. He has tried to inject his teammates with his spirit … his will to win … to teach them they should leave everything they’ve got on the floor. But it has not helped. It’s not his fault, but none the less the Sixers can’t win with or without him.

So what’s the point.

The concern about his daughter is real. The Sixers chances for this season are not. And to expect the team to use a roster spot for ‘em next year … at their weakest position … is not realistic either. So this will likely be good-bye. With any luck his daughter’s condition will improve and we will see a final swan song. I hope so. I hope I will be there to see it.

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Matt said...

I agree with what you wrote about Iverson and at worst, it was fun to watch in a Sixers uniform a few more times. I had season tickets for a long time and have recently seen enough. I wrote a post http://theiladelph.blogspot.com/ about what its like being a Sixers fan during this time and how its changed since the 01' season. Check it out. Good post.