Thursday, February 25, 2010

The bumpy road continues

The Sixers continued their string of up and down performances last nite in Phoenix. The Sixers fall behnf by 22 in the 3rd period and that was all she wrote. Sixers 95 Suns 106.

Eddie Jordan’s take on the game was “I didn’t have any problem with our effort, I just thought there was a stretch where we didn’t execute as well and we didn’t make shots.”

What? Gloomy Days by M Gruber on

A loss in Phoenix should have been expected. So if the trend holds the Sixers will play well tomorrow nite in LA. Perhaps even win as they did last year at the Staples Center. After all Kobe is still coming back from an injury and the Sixers play some of their best ball on Friday nites.

But I'm not holding my breath or anything like that. :)

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