Monday, March 01, 2010

Sixers +4?

I’m taking in a game tonite. I didn’t get a chance to see the Lakers game Friday. From the box score is looks like the Sixers played well, but not well enuff to win … or perhaps just not well enuff for Kobe to feel he had to win the game.

Alas, a win over the Magic seems like a tough call tonite. Particularly because of how they spanked the Sixers earlier in the season and they are 10 games above .500 for the season. So I’m wonder why the spread is only Sixers +4. The Over/Under id 198.

Maybe I’ll just root for the 76ers to cover.


Rob said...

Always been a big fan, but this team is tough to take. They have talent, but no concept of how to play together as a team, can't play defense and some of them - not all, but you know who I am talking about - have a basketball IQ in the single digits. Don't know whether it is the coach or the players not listening, but it is really getting hard to watch.

Rando said...

I should have bet the over.

Rando said...

It's a hard sell to convince anyone to watch. Th trains effect has worn off. After watchin' 129 point scored in the first half. I knew it would all unravel in the third.

The players have checked out and the coaching gives them no reason not to. I can't think of a worse scenario.