Wednesday, April 23, 2008

76ers should keep their foot on the gas in Detroit

On the morning after the Sixers win in Detroit, Bill Lyon wrote a Philadelphia Inquirer article in which he waxed poetically, as only Bill can. He describes the game using the metaphor of the old man trying to teach his young buck how to drive. The young bucks (Sixers) put the peddle to the metal, despite of the objections of the old man (Pistons) to win the game.

Now the Pistons are mad. Mostly at themselves for such uncharacteristic play. Head coach Flip Saunders has gotten angry. He wants to play game 2 as if it were an elimination game. He will likely lean on his veterans harder for game 2. Undoubtedly the veterans will respond. That's just fine with me. I want the Pistons to have to work as hard as possible to win game 2.

Iggy_email_image1_200x359 The Sixers should keep the pressure on. They should keep their foot on the gas. Push the ball. It has become their identity. Game 1 showed they can do what they were told could not be done ... run in the playoffs ... in Detroit. It was the difference in the game. It put Detroit on their heels. Those shots aren't so easy when you're under pressure ... to get back on defense. It's the Sixers edge. They should use more of the roster. Give Carney and Smith more minutes. I thought Smith gave them great minutes on Sunday. They should force the Pistons veterans to work as hard as possible. So what if they don't win game 2. It will set them up for game 3 ... at home ... where they should continue to force the pace. To quote GM Ed Stefanski "We're playing with house money". What is the worst that could happen. We play game 3 at home with the series tied 1-1.

Come on Sixers ... keep your foot on the gas!

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