Thursday, April 24, 2008

So the 76ers got thumped in Game 2 ... now what?

Indeed ... now what do we expect from the 76ers. Game 2 didn't go as well as I would like. I don't have a problem losing. I don't have a problem with being thumped. The Pistons threw everything they had at them. The series is still 1-1.

But I was disappointed they could not match their energy. I'm really disappointed in Iggy's play so far in the series. It's just the kind of thing to give the player haters something to use against him and try to negate the great season his has had.

The worst thing I saw in this game was how the Sixers let the Pistons bully them around with cheap shots.You can't let them get away with that or the referees will let them continue to do it. Somebody from Detroit should have been thumped. Perhaps Louis Amundson should have been put in earlier.

Anyhow ... its still 1-1. The strategy doesn't change much in game 3. Just a few tweaks. It looks like Detroit is trying to trap Lou Williams coming up the floor and they have put in a set play against the Sixers trap. But that didn't really change the outcome. The Sixers just need to play their game.

Notes: Fast Eddie Rendell is everywhere. A state republican complained today that Ed Rendell wasn't spending enuff time on his day job (as Governor) ... with all his stumpin for Hillary and broadcasting with Comcast. Now he's signed a proclamation renaming the SureKill expressway from I-76 to the I-76ers throughout the playoffs.


I'm wondering ... does he get paid for that?

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