Monday, April 21, 2008

Maybe now they will remember the name

Maybe after this game, a Sixers 90-86 win, broadcaster Reggie Miller will learn how to say Ig-ou-dala. For the better part of the game he referred to Andre Igoudala simply as AI. AI? But it became clear as the Sixers stepped it up in the 4th period. He could pronounce Iggy's name!

One thing for sure ... the national broadcast team knows how to say Reggie Evans. Reggie was just being Reggie ... hitting the boards, talking smack, baiting players into charges. But when he starts making free throws and turn around jumpers ... watch out!

Another thing they will learn, if they have not already, is the Sixers are not a fluke. The game was not over when the Sixers were down 13 at the half. "Comeback" is their middle name. The Sixers youth don't know they are supposed to quit.

For you nay sayers out there ... "The Pistons did not lose this game the Sixers beat them" (Flip Saunders). This series will not be a walk over.

It's is not over be any means. Now its time for adjustments. Detroit will certainly play Wednesday nite like a must win game. But the young bucks have their sea legs now. And they got what they came for ... at least a split. I hope they can stay hungry.

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