Thursday, April 10, 2008

The 76ers hit 40

With their 101-9s4 win over the Pistons last nite the 76ers hit 40 win for the season. They have already surpassed my pre-season hopes to equal last season's 35 wins. Its all about reaching the next level now. And the Sixers seeding in the playoffs will have a lot to do with that. David Aldridge wrote another one of his sappy articles in the inquirer about the injustice of Flip Saunders resting his starters against the Sixers last nite. David threw in a few quotes from Pistons fans who were disappointed. There were the usual faithful fans from Coatsville in attendance to see Rip Hamilton. But hey, Rip's been hurt for a few weeks now. There is no way any coach would have let him play unless they were in a struggle for the last playoff spot. So there is no cause for a complaint there. Who cares about friggin' Pistons fans anyhow. This is Philly. I agree with Brian (The Pistons Don't Care), but we do!

I was one of those fans who dared go to a Sixers game in the first half of the season. And frankly, I don't care who I see the Sixers beat now. Nobody was giving back refunds then. I want to see a good show and that's what I got.  The Sixers were in control the entire game ... with or without the Pistons starters. So what if Juan Dixon is so short that I could slap back some of his shots (as easily as Sammy did repeatedly). I want to see the Sixers jailbreak. I want to see Iggy spread his wings for that hellish dunk. I want to see them climb the playoff seeding ladder. I want to see them finish the season with a better than .500 record.

Bring on the Pacers Friday. I hope they are officially eliminated and we spank them too! It won't bother me one bit.

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