Sunday, April 06, 2008

Sixers suffer a Hangover against the Hawks

"Come on Sixers! I could be watchin' the Final Four right now" someone shouted over my shoulder last nite. The crowd seemed desperate for something to cheer about. But the Sixers could not oblige. It truly appeared as if they did take a sip of champagne the previous nite to celebrate their 1st playoff berth in 3 years. The Sixers fell to 39-38 after a lackluster 92-85 loss to the Hawks.

Of course the result was not totally unexpected. Despite of the Sixers resiliency these last two months. The hardest thing to do in the NBA is beat the same team in back to back games. Most often the teams spilt. Still I would have liked to have seen a more spirited effort. The Sixers are not the kind of team that can just turn it on in the 4th quarter to win a game. I hope they learned that last nite. I could have stayed at home for that lesson.

Unfortunately the Final Four was not much more exciting than watching the Sixers sleep walk thru a game ... that's unless you are a Memphis or Kansas fan.


D. Taylor said...

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