Saturday, March 15, 2008

Comeback in Chicago

There was much talk before the game about not letting down against the Bulls after the emotional win in Detroit. The players insisted there would be no letdown. So they struggled for 3 quarters on the road in Chicago. Only an exceptional nite at the charity strip (40-for-44) for the worst free throw shooting team in the NBA and an true blue nite from Andre Igoudala (25 pts) keep them in the game. They trailed by 16 after three periods.

But this team has brought it every nite this season and tonite was no different. Fueled by the bench ... the Sixers out scored the Bulls 40-20 in the 4th period. Over taking them for the 110-106 win.

Rod Carney has stepped up for the second straight game going 3-3 from the 3 point line, scoring 12 of his 18 points in the fourth. Iggy did a masterful job leading the Sixers through out the game. Particularly when he kept the 3-party going that Rod started during the decisive run. He continues to set the tone for this lunch pail team.

Speaking of working hard; Kevin Ollie lead the play off the bench. He gave the Sixers steady guard play, gets a big rebound when they needed it, and played tough "D". Jason Smith also had some good minutes. Heck everybody contributed to the win.

They can all take a break ... for just a little while ... the Spurs come to the Wac Center tomorrow nite.


Interesting enough Bulls reserve Thabo Sefolosha also had an impressive game ... scoring 20 points. You remember Thabo don't you? He's the guy from Switzerland drafted by Sixers 2 years ago then traded for Rodney Carney. Who knew they had basketball courts in Switzerland.


Anonymous said...

Sixers do it again. Fantastic comeback. I don't know how anyone could not like this team. Their effort is unmatched and they are out working teams.

Funny how their two weaknesses (FTs and 3pt%) are what fueled the victory. Try and pick up another one against a (hopefully) tired Spurs team.

Rando said...

My thoughts exactly! FTs and 3 point shooting has to be the last way they could manufactor a win.