Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Down and Dirty in Detroit

The Sixers beat the Pistons at their own game ... down and dirty. They executed in the half court. They defended well when they had to. They won a game in which they scored less than 100 points (only the 3rd time this season). They out rebounded Detroit (39-32, 14 O boards).They forced turnovers (Detroit had 14 - 3 over their average) AND they held on when they had the lead at the end of the game. Result: Sixers 83 Pistons 82.

Rod Carney was the man tonite (16 points on 7-10 shooting, 2-3 from the 3 point line). He was victimized a few times on the defense but he made up for it on the final play of the game when he closed out on Billups to force a tough final shot. Looks like he may get more minutes if Green is out for an extended period. The other benefactor of Green's minutes also got extended playing time, but for a different reason. Sweet Lou closed out the game when Andre Miller left the game after aggravating his sore back. Suddenly the Sixers depth is being tested. Which makes this win that much more important.

On another note ... He's Back! Franken-Sammy has returned. Dalembert served up more than his share of errant passes, missed defensive assignments and dumb fouls. Sammy played 41:50 minutes. Result: 6 points and 7 boards. Yea ... lets give Sammy more minutes.

Oh Yes, Iggy had a dependable 22 ... you gotta give him his props.


reclinergm said...

Great game by the Sixers. I am worried about Miller being hurt as well as Green who was really our most consistent 3-point threat this year. I don't feel comfortable with Lou running the team as evidenced by the team not scoring for over 2 minutes to end the game.

Rando said...

Miller will be okay. He would need to lose a limb before he breaks his streak.

Somebody will step up to take Willie's minutes.