Sunday, December 02, 2007

Yea the Sixers have been a bit disappointing so far.

Yea ... the Sixers have been a bit of a disappointment so far. That's not going to shock anyone. Saturday's disappointing flame out against the Net was exhibit A. They were up by 16 at the half and let that lead evaporate to 1 by the end of the 3rd period. You just can't allow for lapses like that. They have had a few comeback wins this season. That can be exciting, but its no way to make a living. The Sixers have to win winnable games such as the Net game. The loss rendered the ugly win Friday nite versus the Wizards useless. Just like the goose egg they laid up to the Wizards after another smashing comeback win earlier in the season. You just can have these kind of lapses and call you self a professional basketball team.JasonSmith

... I'm not saying the the Sixers are unprofessional in the vane of say the New York Knicks. But you can't excuse some of the performances the Sixers have presented so far this season. Even with the season's lowered expectations.

Naturally what few fans are following the Sixers these days have started pointing fingers . There are only 3 choices here (1) Players, (2) Coaching, or (3) Management. Right now we are fingering the players. Somebody's gotta step up.

Igoudala has struggled with his shot and should bear some of the fans ire. That's part of being the go to guy. He has been contributing in other ways. The starting shooting guard position has been woeful. But Willie green is what he is and Rod Carney just might be what what we hoped was not. Korver has been playing below expectations. He doesn't get the benefit of doubt anymore. He's a 4th year player (a veteran on this team). He has to show consistency. His defense and rebounding is just not good enough to justify minutes if he's not gonna score. From my seat, Sammy D could be more consistent. We see flashes like Friday nite, but he was a non factor in the previous game against the Jazz. He has to racket his game up if the Sixers are gonna win. The Sixers defensive presence is undeniable when the Sammy's lite is on. It's just not dependable.

Come on Sammy. Bring your lunch pail to work every nite will ya?


PaulD said...

VIDEO - Billy King Has Been Fired


good coverage of the firing. you can also get the embed to the video by following the link.

PaulD said...

If that URL is too long try -

major, major Sixers news. Its about time too. King paid way too much for mediocre talent throughout his tenure here.