Sunday, November 18, 2007

At least they finished the week on a good note

The week didn't start so good for the Sixers. Watchin' them getting spanked by the Hornets . They actually got spanked by the Hornets twice ... bracketing a forgettable performance against the Dallas Mavericks. Their weaknesses were exposed and exploited this week. Those weakness seemed insurmountable during the first have of Friday nite's Blazers game at Wac center.

Portland Trail Blazers' Travis Webster can't stop Philadelphia 76ers' Andre Iguodala (9) from scoring in the first half of their basketball game Friday, Nov. 16,2007 in Philadelphia. Iguodala scored 22 points in the 76ers 92-88 win. (AP Photo/Rusty Kennedy)

But they finished the week on a good note with a performance that has to be considered the most incredible comeback 1 will ever see. My only guess is that the 11,000 in attendance stayed for the second half was because it was a Friday nite. Come to think of it Friday nite was the only reason there was 11,000 there in the first place.

The basketball was so horrible in the first half even the casual fan knew it was bad. The crowd began to cringe after every missed shot attempt (14) and cheered sarcastically when the Sixers finally made a basket. I was really hoping for a win against a young team on the road. Eagles offensive linemen William Thomas and Sean Andrews did not return to their court side seats for the second half. I stayed anyway.

The 2nd half was electric. The law of averages says they would have to shoot better that the 1st half, right? The Sixers went toe to toe with the Blazers in the 3rd period. Winning it 29-28. The crowd was rejuvenated at the start if the the 4th .... down by 17. Cheeks abandoned the hard trap from the top of the key and switched to challenging the Blazers with a full court pressure. Watching the young bucks fuel the comeback mat it all the sweeter. At one point Iggy , Sweet Lou, Jason Smith and Thaddeus Young where on the floor at the same time. Young got a chance to flex his wings. We got a chance to see some of the defensive skills he has demonstrated in practice ( according to the Sixers coaching staff). His wingspan clearly made a difference defensively ... closing the distance from the post to the shooter at the 3 point charity stripe much faster than any Sixer has display so far this season ... disrupting the passing lanes ... REBOUNDING (5)!

Some props are due to the old heads too. Miller and Evans were the reason the halftime deficit was only 18. They just got mad and started pushing the Blazers around. On one possession Miller pushed a Blazer just before an in bounds play under the Blazers basket. Then the duo bated the player into running into Evans for an offensive foul. Reggie did a nice job on the flop to boot!

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Pete Fresh said...

In terms of crediting the old heads, don't forget to give some props to Kevin Ollie. He didn't do anything spectacular but he was a part of an insane comeback and he can use all the dap he can get. My friend got some courtside seats to this game (not that it's too hard when you're going to the sixers) and he left after the 1st half. At the end of the game Iggy was slapping five with everybody who would have been sitting around my friend. That's some Philly karma for you right there.

Rando said...

Philly Karma no doubt.

Yes I forgot KO.