Friday, October 12, 2007

Meet the Sixers

Ricky was asking me about the "Meet the Sixers" program to air on comast sportsnet. The program airs on 10/12 @11PM, 10/22 @8PM, 10/27 @4PM and 10/30 @9PM. I wouldn't call it "must see TV", but it was nice non threating self promotion event for the Sixers. Here's the readers digest version;
  • Hi Andre Iguodala what's it like being the "man" now?
  • Bob Salmi, Why are you here? You're workn' the TV broadcast with Zoo this year. What?
  • Hi Jason Smith what's it like to be in the NBA?
  • Hey Mo, what do ya make of last season 's run? Can you carry that over to this season?
  • Hey Kyle, what's it like to be the veteran on the team now?
  • Yo Billy, What's the future going to be like and ahh nice suit?
  • and (we were told to imagine the post production editing of) a word from the Chairman, Mr. Snider
At least that's how I remember it. A nice meet and greet session. The jackpot for autograph hounds (Yea, that Thaddeus Young sig could be worth a lot in a few years). The real experience was being part of a live studio audience. Being enthusiastic on cue. Imagining where things will be edited in later. I also gained an appreciation for the work the host Ron Burke does. The entire show was done in one take. No do overs. All of his interview questions are done from memory! No teleprompter. He was well prepared and only needed to scan over a notes card between segments.

The event was at the Consitution center. A place I'm ashamed to say I had never visited before. Some Philly native huh?

So that's my two cents Ricky. I have not seen the show. So my interests are totally self serving. Check it out and let me know what you think.


Ricky - Sixers4guidos said...

thanks for breaking it down to me

seems nice, I'll try to catch it somehow, maybe through the Internet

are you ready for the next season my friend?

this 0-3 start pumped me up lol

Rando said...

Yup, the 0-3 start in pre-season is kind of a buzzkill. The bench players have looked good, but the starters have been going thru the motions. Mo says they will play better when the season starts.

Do you subscribe to the theory they can turn it on like a switch?