Friday, October 12, 2007

Basketball is here ... Wahoo!

The wait is over. Basketball is here. Every team starts with a clean slate and confidence is exuding from the Sixers at every glance. Never mind the advances the rest of the Atlantic division has made in the off season. The Sixers have blinders on and are only looking at their record after shedding AI and C.Webb as the true measure of their abilities.

I had the honor of participating in a live audience for the taping of Comcast's "Meet the Sixers" show which begins airing tonite on Comcast Sportsnet. Pretty neat experience. The attitude of the organization is up beat. They are believers that destiny is in their own hands. Jason Smith is an impressive young rookie. He spoke with genuine excitement in his voice and the word from camp this year has been positive. He really seems to be progressing as the player I thought he might be. He's not quite a 7 footer and he's not a center. But I can see him becoming the player he aspires to be ... Dirk Nowitski. Lets all hope he doesn't play as soft on defense as the NBA MVP.

But fate may not be so kind my Sixers this year. I'm afraid they will suffer from Sammy D's injury. That was my initial reaction when I heard about the injury. Mark my words ... Calvin Booth will be the starting center on Halloween. The Sixers could be fast and agile this season, but are truly under sized to compete in the division (forget about the rest of the conference). I am still waiting for the mad doctor King to repent and give up on the wonder child.

But despite all my apprehensions I and ready for basketball. Philly needs the Flyers and Sixers to do well. After the Phillies' tease and the Eagles slow start, this town needs a team that works as hard as they do. Nobody expects them to win it all ... just work hard ... win or lose.

In Sixers have a golden opportunity this season. AI is gone. Like a phoenix they can rise above the ashes and forge a team personality that gets people interested in basketball again.

I'm for one am looking forward to it .. win or lose


Ricky - Sixers4guidos said...

I am ready too !!

post more about this new video Rando, sounds interesting

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