Thursday, October 18, 2007

Andre Iguodala, is he really the "Man" for theSixers

Don't get me wrong. I love Iggy's game and I think he's a great guy. But I'm not sure he will be the "Man" for the Sixers this year. It's not because he's not capable of puttin' up 20 every nite. He can. Its not because his teammates won't support 'em. They will.

The question in my mind, as the new season bounces upon us, is ... can a leopard change his spots. Dre picked it up at the end of last season. But he was clearly pressing it at times. His turn-overs went way up. So did the number of air balls. Can he be selfish? That seems foreign to the quiet understated guy we have come to know. Will he fore go his penchant for stuffing the stat sheet for points? Maybe ... but I'm not certain that's a sure thing.

But if he does not turn to the dark side ... is that a bad thing? By their own admission this young team expects to struggle. Does its really need anyone to be ... the "Man" . Perhaps the expectation they must defer to another will stifle development. What if sweet Lou scores 20 a nite for a week 'cause "he's feelin' it" that week? What if Korver goes twenty and ten for ten straight games? How about Thadeus scoring 30? What if a different player stepped up every nite to be ... the "Man"?

Okay, I'm getting a little carried away here. Of course Iggy will carry the load this year. But you get my point don't ya?

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Ricky - Sixers4guidos said...

Rando, bro, I just hope that "the man" is not this: