Saturday, February 03, 2007

Iguodala is a triple double waiting to happen

Andre Iguodala is a triple double waiting to happen. But Iguodala's triple-double was not enough. The Sixers fall in a 1 point game to prove they can lose against a team as disappointing as themselves. Looking at the digits that Andre put up, 25 points, 13 assists, 10 boards the most telling stat was 4 turnovers. Being the man ain't as easy as it seems.

Any one play can make the difference in a 1 point game. That 1 play belongs to Iggy. Now that Iggy is the man. So 4 TO's matter.

I'm sure the Philly faithful was not disappointed with the lose. But the lottery sweepstakes is getting tighter. The Boston Celtics have taken over the cellar in the Atlantic with a vengeance. Be riffed of talent they have just lost 14 straight games. Now that Iggy has accepted his new role ... I don't think the Sixers can match that effort. But fear not ... if the Celts win (lose) the Len Bias curse will be their undoing.

BTW, Iguodala's 3rd career triple double pales in comparison to Charles Barkley (who did it 10 times) or Billy Cunningham how had a triple double in back-to back-to-back game in 1970 (a triple triple double if you will).

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