Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Don't look now ... but the Sixers won again

Our buddy Jon at Passion and Pride (Sixers Kiss Kidd Goodnight) says "most fans are not enthusiastic about the team giving up ping pong balls in the draft this summer". But I'm not so sure the subject isn't a little over blown. I was at the game last nite (myself and a couple of dozen others) and I can tell you nobody there was disappointed with the win.

I don't know what it looked like on TV, but from where I was sittin' ... most of the game was like watchin' paint dry. There were long stretches were neither team scored. The Nets have been in a terrible funk lately and all the Sixers had to do was not wake them up. So a snooze fest unfolded until the final stanza. The Nets tied up Iggy when the Sixers had a shot at winning the game in regulation (every one knew Iggy was gettin' the ball). So the game went into overtime. This time Iggy made the game winning assist (Joe Smith made the shot). Iguodala filled the stat sheet once again; 23 pts, 15 assists; and 7 boards.

It was clear that the Sixers wanted the win more than the Nets. Sometime that's all it takes. The Sixers cash in on another winnable game. "Poof" goes another ping pong ball.

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Jon said...

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