Thursday, February 01, 2007

Sixers are better ballers these days

The Sixers pretty much handled the Hornets last nite. Despite Chris Paul's return they sweep the season series with NO/OC.

Don't look now, but the Sixers are better ballers these days. The warts remain, namely rebounding and defending the three ball, but they are winning what I call 'winnable' games. The games against the other dregs of the NBA, teams on the road in back to back games or missing their star players. Games they have a legitimate chance to win ... warts and all. Looking at the last 2 weeks proves my point. There's no way they would win against the Spurs (L 85-99) or the Rockets (spanked 84-105). Nor should we have expected them to sweep a home and home against the Cavs. But the 98-95 win over the Heat was at home against a road weary team. The Hornets (W 102-96 & W 89-78) and the Hawks (W 104 89) are cellar dwellers.

I attribute much of the recent success to a regular line-up. Mo seems to have settled on the twin towers look and that has solidified the rotations for everyone. It has given them a chance to respond when they know how many and when their minutes are coming. Joe Smith was never more than a spot up starter. Willie Green and Rod Carney seem to be battling for that last starters' spot. I prefer Carney over Green. I just don't think Green will ever improve defensively and I see nothing but upside for Carney. The kid can play. Korver's in a bit of a slump but hey ... that's part of the learning process too. He seems to be finding other ways to contribute. I like what Mo is doing with Sweet Lou Williams as well. He has not done too bad spelling Miller in the gap between the 1st & 2nd and 3rd & 4th periods. Miller can use the rest too. There are times out there when he has a brain fart from fatigue. Williams has managed to not get totally abused when he's on the floor, use his quickness to score and even get an assist here and there. He doesn't have control over game tempo, but Miller is giving him plenty of lessons.

I know many in Sixersville want the 76ers to lose, but there's little need for that before the All-Start break. They need to establish a personality. So we can make those draft picks to addresses their weaknesses. An extreme make-over in the draft just ain't gonna happen.

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