Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year Sixers Faithful

I had a great time on new years eve. I love watching a Sixers game before the ball drops.  And watching the Sixers drop the hammer of the Warriors just made my nite (107-79). My friend Ricky was lamenting the let down in the Utah game. Claiming they looked more like the old Sixers of the Eddie Jordon era than the Sixers team at then end of last season. Hey Ricky, they can’t win then all. The Sixers don’t get blown out often so that is what a loss is going to look like. And that’s what I think the season is going to look like. You can’t say the Sixers were lucky ‘cause Warriors stand-out start, Monta Ellis was out. That’s going to happen over and over this season. Stars will miss games and the rest of the team will have to suck it up. Utah did just that Friday nite. You gotta have some faith this season.

Early in the game, Sixers sideline reporter Meredith Marakovits showed a quote by new Warriors head coach Mark Jackson about placing a premium on defense over offense. And pointed to the seasons fast start as evidence of the new Warriors. The way the game started (Sixers 7 Warriors 20) you might have believed that quote about defense.

The Sixers starters could not make a shot and Stephan Curry was making them look really bad on the pick and roll. The Super Subs (Williams, Young, and Turner) came in and changed the tone of the game. The Sixers closed the gap by the end of the 1st period and forged a 7 point lead at the half. It might have been a bigger lead if the Sixers could make free throws. Contrary to Malik Rose’s opinion, I am not so sure that bad free throw shooting can’t be contagious.

But after the jump the Sixers made all of the Warriors talk about defense disappear. They started the 3rd period with a 13-1 run and the rout was on. Other than shooting better from the 3 point line than the foul line there was little to argue with about the Sixers performance. They corrected their defense against Curry and the 3 point shooting was outrageous.

You could see the frustration on Coach Jackson face. He’s going to find things are a lot harder than it looks from the broadcast booth.

Keep the faith Sixers fans.

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