Thursday, August 12, 2010

Is this the 76ers or the Nets?

Kate Fagan leaked last nite that the Comcast brain trust will be hiring former Nets president Rod Thorn. Stripping Ed Stefanski of his President title as President and general manager. The party line is that Thorn and Stefanski worked well together in New Jersey. Indeed they managed to get the Nets to back to back NBA finals.

What’s goes unsaid is that Stefanski was over matched for the job, but the Comcast crew liked him enuff not to just fire him. Conventional wisdom would say that Stefanski should have been shown the door along with his hand picked head coach after last season’s collapse. The hiring of Thorn is a sign that the organization isn’t tone deaf. He (Thorn) is a basketball lifer. He knows the business side of the sport. It can only help the organization to have more basketball people in the ranks.

But I have to wonder, are we becoming the New Jersey, Nets? Eddie Jordon, Stefanski, and now Thorn, all former Nets. Billy King reviled in Philly circles, is now the President and General manager in New Jersey. One could easily foresee the two organizations swapping personnel.

Do we really want to emulate the Nets?


a warrior or military plaques for a true sixers said...

Why not? I think its time we breathe a new blow of air here. And besides, when they were both with the Nets, they were a back to back conference finals champs. I just hope AI is at any luck on getting a team. I feel very sorry for him. Can he really not play the game he has before? I was still rooting for him to play with the Sixers though.

Rando said...

The report is that AI may be playing in Turkey this year.

Mahir Hossein said...

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