Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Sixers drop another to the Pacers

Well all those tanker fans should be happy with this one. The Sixers showed no effort to win this game. They drop a road game to the Pacers 107-96, who played without their 23 points per game All Star Danny Granger. Granger was out serving a 1 game suspension for a fight on their recent west coast road trip.

If you suffered thru the game as I did, you may never see a more pathetic display of defense. Williams was just a spectator on the floor. Iggy disappeared from the game. It was like a layup line for the Pacers. It is disingenuous for the Sixers media to play this game up as one in which the Pacers stepped up. How hard is it to make a frickin’ layup!

Dontay Jones torches them for 25 (11 PPG average) …. Brandon Rush hits for 24 (8 PPG average) …. you’ve gotta be kidding me!

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