Sunday, March 07, 2010

Reggie Evans ... Daaaaaaam!

I liked Kate's article this AM "A Word with Reggie,Jason" for providing a few insights from the pair who were traded for each other this past summer. In regard to the Sixers fortunes this season. Reggie seems to have summed the whole thing up in a word …
daaammnnn1 It was nice to see the Sixers win one this afternoon. Nice to see a Thad Young sighting also. The encouraging thing about his 32 point career performance was that his points were split evenly between the 1st and 2nd halves. It's not unusual for Thad to go off for a quarter or a even a half. But he rarely gets it going on for a full game. When Thaddeus is scoring the Sixers shooting percentage is usually pretty high. And it seems that their shooting percentage has to be high if they are going to beat anyone. Today was no different. I thought the Sixers defense was good today, in fact it fueled their fast-break and that high shooting percentage. But they still gave up a 101 points. Just think about how dominate they could be if they played defense like the did the past few years.


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