Sunday, January 24, 2010

Taking stock of 76ers: Not pretty

I love to read the Sunday paper. It’s a guilty pleasure that helps keep my perspective about the world. Kate Fagan’s writing for the Sixers beat has become a guilty pleasure and likewise helps keep my perspective on my world (the Sixers). Today’s insider story; Inside the Sixers: Taking stock of 76ers: Not pretty was sobering. I know there are others like myself that are amazed at her frankness. It is all to common for the media to become chummy with the team they cover on a daily basis (becoming less objective). It’s a wonder she still has a job.

While the article reaffirmed much of what I already knew, the revelation that others in team management (or close to it) wondered aloud that Eddie Jordon was not the right guy, before the season started, was an eye opener.

The Sixers had a nice win over the Pacers Saturday nite. Once again EB was the rock the Sixers swam to in the storm. I’m okay with that. Beating teams like the Pacers is what’s needed for them to reach the playoffs in the retched Eastern conference. That probably won’t get Eddie Jordon fired, but I just can’t stand losing. And I can’t see winning the John Wall sweepstakes. There are just too many bad teams out there.

So I will be rolling down to the Wac center Monday nite. Cheering for another win over the Pacers. No it’s not pretty, but what’s a die hard fan to do?

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