Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sixers bow down to the Bucks

I guess I’ve just been de-programmed to expect this. The Sixers and Bucks have similar records. Which is to say … bad. So the game was a ragged affair. The sloppy play, poor substitutions, and 4th quarter swoon are all part of the script.

Unlike Monday’s game the Sixers returned to feeding Brand in the post. EB responded with a season high 26 points. But all I will remember his that he missed a bunny layup in the last seconds of the game that would have tied it.

My hope they could turn last Friday’s win over the Mavs into a winning streak or finish the week 3-1 was just a foolish dream. I’ll head down to the arena tomorrow to hear the raucous crowd cheer/boo Kobe.

All or Nothing: Errors Key in Sixers' Loss to Bucks

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