Thursday, December 10, 2009

This Losing Streak Freakin’ Suxs

Losing Freakin' suxs! Duh ... The Sixers drop another game to the Pistons. This time at home. What’s a die hard fan to do with an 11 game losing streak and 5-17 record. Third worst record in the league.

So sure I'm pissed. We put up with bogus claims of how great a coach Eddie Jordon is (despite his record). We put up with the bogus claims about how they can win without a superstar or how many players are on the verge of stardom. For what? I have suffered some of the leans years after Charles Barkley left and I'll tell you what ...

... many of those teams had more heart. I'm not seeing the intensity needed to win in the NBA. Sure you can play, but you gotta do more than that to win in the NBA. I've seen more effort from Lawrence Frank's winless Nets and he has been dismissed.

Everybody's mesmerized about the return of Iverson. Who's losing sleep over the whole thing going into the crapper? I don't see anyone willing to do the dirty work needed to get that rebound ... to get that 4th quarter stop.

Somebody should be angry or at least embarrassed. The Sixers have not lost 11 straight for almost 15 years.

The loss of Mo Speights was bigger than anyone thought. He seemed to be the only one willing to mix it up.

Did I say this losing streak freakin' suxs?


Anonymous said...

This team is poorly coached and doesn't have enough good players its as simple as that. It has nothing to do with playing hard or intensity although I believe there have been lapses there I do not believe it is a primary reason for how dreadful this team has been. Igoudala, Young, Williams, and Speights are not nearly enough and they are missing two of those guys. The roster is one of the worst in the league from 5-12. The bench is a disaster. Willie Green, Jason Smith, and Kapono have been good awful.

Rando said...

I can buy some of that. They are short on quality players. But it's hard for me to believe that Houston's roster is far superior and they are 13-9. So you telling me Rick Adelman's coaching is the difference?