Saturday, December 05, 2009

The magic starts -->‘here’?

I just returned from the southern hemisphere and I have not seen much about my Sixers. Things are pretty bleak based on the box scores I’ve been seeing .

What’s that? Allen Iverson has re-signed with the team and makes his debut Monday against the team he was traded to (Nuggets)?

Didn’t all that happen this summer? I thought I saw that on twitter or somethin’.

Okay … that may be a bit of a stretch. If you live within 50 miles of the city you have been bombarded with the media storm that Ai’s return has become.

The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive with the fans and the media. Gone are the harsh words the ushered Iverson out of the door. Everybody’s excited. But Allen … you’ve gotta cut out the crying thing. Save the crocodile tears for when you actually accomplish something.

The NBA is getting into the act.  The new look old school Sixers #3 Iverson jersey went on sale the day he signed. There is no doubt that  many fans are relived that their old no. 3 Sixers jersey is back in style. Doubly relieved they never had to make the choice. You know what I mean … If you had to don the number of a current Sixer, who’s would it be … Iguodala? Williams? Brand? What about YoungMoov21?  The choice that forces you to cast your support for a player who … is a good player, but …. not a superstar.

And regardless of your views about AI. He is a superstar (albeit an aging one) and you have to understand what a star driven league this is. How difficult to it is to win … let alone improve for teams without a superstar.

As proof positive AI represents the best chance for the Sixers to salvage this season. You have to concede that point. Without a superstar this season is toast.

Sure you could tank games for a lottery pick. But that is not a sure thing. There is no one in next years draft that is going to set the world on fire. Trust me. You would have heard about it by now. But There are plenty of bottom feeders this year. Shedding salaries for the Lebron James sweepstakes. Good luck with that one.

With a superstar you are almost assured a playoff spot. And if the chips fall right, you could make some noise. Catch lightning bottle.

That’s what you have gotta hope for. Catching lightning in a bottle … You gotta have a little luck. 

That’s were GM, Stefanski is right now. Dam the 4 year plan. The ship was sinking. With no way to improve the attendance numbers with this undermanned crew. The injury to Williams sealed it. Dam the bridges burned behind Iverson. Welcome back little big man.


Now go out there and catch lighting in a bottle.

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