Sunday, November 01, 2009

Trick or Treat

The Knicks game last nite on Hallows eve was scary. The table was setup nicely for the 76ers. It was the Knicks. The shot a  minute, no defense playing dredge of the division. The Knicks lost a double overtime the nite before in Charlotte.

Treat: The Sixers came out smoking. The offense was scary good. EB was taking advantage of the Knicks on the lower block. Sammy was blocking shots. After a 10-10 start. The Sixers when on a run to take control of the game. They scored 40 points in the 1st period … FOURTY!

Trick: But some of that dropped of in the 2nd period when Jordon when to the bench. I know …. don’t remind me, it’s too early to worry about the bench.

Treat: The Sixers manage to win the period 30-26. So I’m in awe of a 70 point half. I’m thinkin’ they’re gonna score 120 or more at this pace. They give back 4 points in the 3rd period 26-30. But they’re up, 96-81.

Trick: Then the Knicks go crazy. Apparently they had done the same the nite before. Al Harrington just went off. And the kid Gallinari was hittin’ CRAZY 3’s. They tally 41 in the fourth to force overtime. “This can’t be happening” I’m thinking.

Treat: But then the Sixers wake up in overtime. I’m sure the Knicks’ tank was running on empty by then. They out score the Knicks 19-5. Game-over-man.

Happy Halloween!

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Sixers Fan said...

solid win for the sixers - 2 - 1 isn't a bad start for them