Wednesday, November 04, 2009

That game kinda sucked

I’m not a rich guy by any stretch of the imagination. So when I roll down to the Wac  center. I want to get my moneys' worth. I’m not saying I was looking for the Sixers to blow out the Celtics …. I wasn’t even expecting a win against the reigning division champs.

I just wanted my team to show up.

But it’s not like anyone showed up. The reported attendance was 11,251 (objects in your mirror are smaller than they appear). But the arena had a hollow feel and the play in the first quarter reflected it. Both teams started off like they had forgotten how to shoot. There was no energy in the building. Even the 17-19 first quarter was hollow. They had taken twice as many shots as Boston to get there.

And then the second quarter started. Coach Jordon put in the bench. And the the wheels fell off.

So that’s why I thought the game kinda sucked. It wasn’t incredible shooting from the C’s. It wasn't suffocating defense. The Sixers just never showed up.

And I spied more Celtics fans the later the game got. It was like they had their pathetic green jerseys hidden and became more brazen as the C’s pulled away.  Boasting about how great they are and chanting for Brian Scalabrine to enter the game. Frickin’ Celtics fans.

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