Saturday, November 07, 2009

Remain calm it's too early to panic

“I have never seen this place so empty” says the guy next to me. And he has been a season ticket holder for 9 years. I was inclined to agree. “It’s the Phillies hangover effect” I said. Looking for some way to dismiss the sparse attendance on a Friday nite as an anomaly. Statistically the attendance was 10,054.

But the crowd that was there gave it everything they had. No way the Sixers could lose to the injury riddled New Jersey Nets. The last team in the NBA without a win.

Okay, it could have looked a little sharper. You’d like to see them pummel a team like this. But at least they won. Look at the scoring  by periods; 18, 32, 18, 29. Eddie Jordon is still playing with the rotation. There was not the same drop off this time when he went to the bench in the second period, but its gotta be tough on the players to establish any rhythm without consistent minutes. If you know you only got 4 minutes at the start of the 2nd period, then you bust your butt for four minute. But then to sit the next game. It has to difficult for a bench player.

Take Rod Carney for example, after 9 minutes against Boston (0-2, 1 point) and 6 in the Knicks game (0-2, 0 points) How can you not score against the Knicks. On Friday Carney gets 4 minutes … at the start of the 4 period? To his credit he hit his first 3 and went 1-2.

Sadly it may take awhile. The starters probably need to play better before Jordon settles on a rotation. I will try to remain calm. It’s too early to panic. Maybe we can get it rolling against the Pistons tomorrow.

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