Thursday, June 04, 2009

Ed & Eddie on WIP

I got a tweet today giving me a heads up that Ed Stefanski and Eddie Jordon where on WIP today. So I tuned in.

Listen to the Podcast >Part 1 | Part 2<

You have to give Ed Stefanski credit. He does not hide from the fans. He knows there are some fans that will never be satisfied with the answers he gives, but he still tries to answer them anyhow.  Some people just want to vent and some just have a problem with the state of NBA basketball (not just the Sixers). But you would think he might be weary of the same questions; Trade Sam, Iggy’s not worth the money, Iggy can’t shoot, when are you gonna get a shooter (yeah that one’s me).  But I believe he cares about the fans.

Whether he can bring home a championship is a different story. But I genuinely like the guy.

I am having a problem with this two Eds thing. You can’t just say “Ed” anymore. It’s Ed for Ed Stefanski and “Eddie” for Eddie Jordon. Honestly guys … how old were you when you told people to stop callin’ you “Eddie” …. 12? 13?

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