Monday, June 01, 2009

Eddie, Eddie … He’s our Man

Okay, all together now. Eddie … Eddie … He’s are man. Yeah Sixers! Good luck with this one Ed Stefanski. The Sixers are already a hard sell and you pull this rabbit out of your hat.

I’m underwhelmed.

I’m a little ticked off.

I’m glad the “search” is over.

I have stayed mum on the subject of a Sixers new head coach. While I agree it’s an important choice. Everyone agrees that player personnel is the elephant in the room. The “search” was a farce. Part of Ed’s ploy to justify hiring an old buddy of his. Somebody he’s comfortable with. A Pinocchio to his Geppetto.

It’s on the record that Avery Johnson was my man. But seems that Johnson smelled something rotten about the search early. He wanted to be brought in as “the guy”, not be part of an exhaustive search. What is that? Some kind of reality TV show or Ed McMahon's star search? But I gotta be honest. Johnson wasn’t a lock to improve the Sixers’ fortunes. He just would have been a better choice for ticket sales.

So the “search” is over. Let’s start talking about the players again. When are you gonna find somebody that can shoot the rock, Eddie?

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