Thursday, April 30, 2009

Great Expectations

So both Dwight Howard and Courtney Lee are out for this evenings game. Both ‘cause of Dwight Howard elbows. I really don’t want to discuss whether the suspension was warranted or not. This can be a cursing or a blessing.

Many might say it’s all good right? Two Magic starters and leading scorers for the series are out for game 6. It's a home game! The Sixers have it in the bag.

Great Expectations by Charles Dickens
But I look at it as a curse. There is no pressure on the Magic. They are under manned. They can just let it all hang out. On the other hand … there are great expectations for the Sixers. They are the home team. They are expected to beat the short handed Magic. They are supposed to advance further in the playoffs than last year.

I’m just having flashbacks to the end of the season. When the Sixers were supposed to be in the running for the 4th seed, but they fell flat with a long losing streak. Then I had visions of the last game of the season. When the Sixers were expected to beat the Cleveland scrubs and struggled until the 4th period. They had to win that one in overtime.

It’s sad to say but only a thrashing by the Sixers will satisfy their critics. But I’ll just settle for a win … any win.

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