Saturday, January 24, 2009

Time for Brand to get on the bus

 Phil Jasner says "One way or another, Brand will fit in with Sixers" | Phil raises several good points. One point is very clear to everyone ... the Sixers must play fastbreak basketball to win and Brand must find a way to fit in. Their recent surge has refueled expectations for this season. Mo Cheeks is gone. There is no turning back.Brand-Bus-camp08
Brand is in un-chartered territory. But we all know he is a smart player. The injury has given him the chance to see how the Sixers do it. Now just do it. Rebound ... start the break ... get down the floor as fast as you can ... fill the lane ... look for an offensive rebounds on the other end ... and then look for the post up or the mid range jumper. This is basketball ... not rocket science.

E.B. will start from the bench in his return, but we expect him back in the starting line-up as soon as he gets his sea legs. Working on the minutes will be a challenge, but its the type of problem you like to have. I'd like to see Brand at center more when the Sixers play small ball. So Thad Young can do his thing.

Here's to a win over the Knicks tonite. The Phillies World Series trophy will be in the house ... come on E.B. get on the bus and ride.

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