Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hot fun in the Summer League

No one mentioned much about the Sixers start of Summer League on Friday with all the buzz about the Elton Brand signing. Okay ... check that ... Its summer league ball ... no one is likely to note much about NBA rookies, second year players and scrubs looking for a job sweating it up in a gym in Vegas. The Sixers roster includes Young Thaddeus, Jason Smith, 1st round draft pick Marrisse Speights, and Philly's own Pat Carroll back from Europe.

Not much usually happens in Summer League. Remember Johnny Salmons was this Michael Jordan of summer league. Lou Williams raised a few eyebrows in the summer league and to his credit managed to bring that same energy to the regular season.

Sixers rookie Mo Speights made me look twice when I looked up the box score of the Sixers loss to the Warriors (89-96). Speights scored 22 points (second to Young's 27). But it's summer league ... Hot fun in the summer time. It's too hot to get excited about anything.

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