Thursday, July 10, 2008

Brand New Day in Sixers town

My phone rang instantly when it was announced Tuesday nite on Comcast Sports Net. "The Sixers are working out a deal to get Elton Brand ... what do ya think?" Dude .... are you fricking kidding me? Elton Brand! The thought seemed so remote when free agency started that I had not seriously considered it. Elton Brand adds 10 games a year to the Sixers record (at least). That's a huge leap in NBA terms.

Just think about the match difficulties the Sixers had last season. Slammin' Sammy has to be ecstatic! Eton Brand solves the Sixers match up problem in the post with Boson( Garnett), Orlando (Howard), Toronto (O'Neill), Detroit (Wallace). Elton Brand means you can post up when playoff time comes. Elton Brand means you don't have to sacrifice your new fangled identify of play defense, force turn overs, and run the floor. Elton Brand can do all those things.

Elton Brand is not a head case. He's a 20-10 career guy who has played with the Clippers for 7 years without cryin' about it. He's fits the mold of the players we are looking for in the post Iverson era. He's a Duke grad ... former #1 draft pick ... a two time all-star ... a veteran ... what's not to like?

The local media has been a buzz with this latest move by Ed S. His stock as the Philly Golden Boy GM keeps rising. But the first fan comment I heard on WIP yesterday was ... "Big Whoppee". I think all of us Philly fans can be a bit jaded at times.

Yes, the injury could comeback to bite you. But you could lose a player on any given play. You can't grow up overly concerned about what might happen.

Yes, I know I said I coveted Josh Smith. But I realized it was improbable after the euphoria wore off. He's a restricted free agent. I just can't believe that Atlanta would every dream of not matching any offer. Brand was the best power forward on the board and I was sure he would go for the max money at golden state. This is his last shot at a fat contract. You know his agent wanted to milk it for all he could get.

Yes, I know this deal puts the Sixers up against the cap. But what's the point of having cap space if you don't use it. That makes you the Charlotte Bobcats. The lowest payroll in the league and a record to match.

Yes, I know the Sixers still need a shooter and maybe Iggy is a odd fit for the #2 spot. But we all know that everyone's shot will improve when they have a legit low post presence. When you know the post won't become a black hole because that legit post guy is also an excellent passer. When you don't have somebody in your jock strap like Iggy did because you HAVE to double team Brand.

Maybe you're reluctant to cheer this move because you just don't know enough about Elton Brand. He's played on the west coast for most of his career and we only see him once a year. He played for the Clippers a second banana in there own town. So he's not on TV much. OR maybe you just don't know much about basketball.

Dude ... this guy can play!

Come people ... let up a little. Give the Sixers some credit. This was the best move that could be had. We won't win it all this year because of this move, but we are past just making the play-offs. We're winning a playoff series or two. The glass is less than half empty or its more than half full. We gotta a winner!


Anonymous said...

Why haven't any Philly papers covered Herbert Hill's DWI arrest? He still plays for the Sixers, right?

The story:

Rando said...

Good catch my man. Herbert Hill is currently on the Sixers roster, but is a free agent. A DUI is not good news for him. Because he has been injured his entire rookie season no one else has seen him play. The Sixers have lauded his play in practice. But this doesn't help.

Don't know why it has not been more widely reported (except that he's an unknown). Now his only shot may be to be invited to the Sixers came and win one of the few open spots.