Saturday, April 12, 2008

Wizards rescued by Agent Zero

Gilbert Arenas aka Agent 0 wrestled a win away from the Sixers at the Verizon Center. It seemed like he  outscored the entire Sixers squad in the fourth period to win the game. He made some flat out crazy mad shots at times. The Sixers forgot how to play in the 4th period. It was their worst quarter. They seemed to have taken their foot off the gas after storming back in the 3rd period. Sure you have to give credit to Arenas, but I didn't see him block any shots.

The Sixers have lost two straight and won only one game since they clinched a play-off berth. It's like they think the hard part is over ... they made the play-offs. Wait'til they find out the hard part is yet to come.

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