Monday, April 28, 2008

Game 4 was a buzzkill for me

What a bummer man!Man was that game last nite a buzzkill or what? We were chillin' at the block party Sunday afternoon. Yea it was a bit cold but after a few Bud's it wasn't so bad, right?

So we roll into the Wac Center for the game. Checkin' out the crowd ... whooping it up, you know how we roll? The Sixers started of well. Iggy was hitting jumpers, the76ers were forcing turn-overs and running the floor. The 76ers were up by 10 at the half. It was almost like they just picked up where they left off on Friday nite, right? Like I was saying to my buddy "Dude this day is totally awesome, right"?

Well something wore off at half time. I'm not making excuses, but the tone of the officiating changed along with the Pistons attitude. Sometimes it happens that way. The Sixers didn't adjust. The Sixers sure benefited from their share of calls in the first half. We all know makeup calls happen. A referee's sense of balance or fairness gets in the way of objectivity.

Well what ever it was. The Sixers suffered as a consequence. Dre Dala had another sub-par game. He started off okay, but he continued to settle for jumpers. And the jumper abandoned him in the 2nd half. I found it odd that Mo keep feeding 'em the ball and he kept trying to win the game on his own. I don't think Mo did enough to change the tempo. Going small made things worse as the Sixers just got pounded on the boards. Going to Reggie Evans had no effect. Honestly, I love Reggie but you gotta recognize when he's not being effective (his +/- was -4).

Anyhow ... I lost a good buzz after half time and I was a bit hung over the AM. Don't worry ... just like Sixers I can bounce back. The series is only 2-2. I gotta another home game Thursday nite!

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