Saturday, March 08, 2008

Now do you believe the Sixers are playoff bound?

The Sixers are repeating last years pattern of playing markedly better in the later half of the season. After playing at a high level to beat the Phoenix Suns (on the road) they avoided a let down against the Clippers and blew them out. They came home from a successful road trip 2-1 and after a 3 day layoff the Sixers Blow Out the Sonics. What more could you ask for? Slamming Sammy really had it going last nite. Dalembeast posted a double double (22 & 13) and had the highest +/- rating of any NBA player last nite (+34).

Some people are deriding them for their sub .500 record or lack of stars.

But hot is hot ... they have won 7 of their last 10 ... they have an 8 game home win streak ... they have a winning record at home ... they are only 4 games below .500 ... Andre Miller was the player of the week in March (twice) ... you got to give them some credit. No one expected them to be on par with Detroit or Boston this year, but you don't want them to be a door mat. If they are going to turn it around you want to see them do it with young players and you want them to have a taste for winning. The Sixers were projected to be dead last in the division this year. A playoff spot has to be considered an achievement (even if it comes with a losing record).

Sometimes Philly fans can't handle the truth ...

You want the Sixers to go to the Play offs ...

You need the Sixers to go to the play offs!

Without playoffs aspirations support for the Sixers will continue to wane. No one will really scrutinize what Ed does in the off season. More Season ticket holders will be lost. No one will come to the games next year ... and that's a shame. Because they are really playing some entertaining basketball. Philly style ... blue collar style basketball. And they come to play every nite.

When are more Philly fans going to believe?

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