Thursday, March 20, 2008

Love-fest at the Wac Center

AIwithHipHopYes, there was much love going on at the Wac center last nite. Everybody was on their best behavior. AI was saying all the right things. Showing his love for the fans. Publicly showing Mo Cheeks some love. He even had specially made shoes (with "THXPHILA") for the event. The fans showed their appreciation with an extended standing ovation. The sell out crowd had plenty to ooh and aah about as they cheered (a few jeered) each time he touched the ball. But they cheered the loudest for a Sixers victory. That was the consensus of the crowd "love ya Allen but I want the 76ers to win". As it should be. And the Sixers did not disappoint. Winning a thriller 115-113. You could tell how much this game meant to the Sixers when Igoudala threw the ball in to the air as he came to the revelation that the game was in hand. You could tell from his play that the game really meant something to the birthday boy ... Andre Miller ... who was the star of the game with 32 points and 12 assists. The game was totally entertaining from start to finish. As I said ... there was much love in the house.

Since the trade, Denver has deteriorated into A.I. and the Nuggettes. He takes the majority of the shots, overplays on defense and hopes somebody will bail him out. I didn't see anything that resembled defense out there last night. Which is why he (AI) for all his maturity has not come any closer to a championship than he did in 2001 . Denver will struggle to make the playoffs and serve as first round cannon fodder because they play no defense.

This game has been circled on the calendar for a long time. I asked myself back then which of the following will be true;

On March, 19 2008:
A. AI will get a standing O from the Sixers faithful

B. AI will be on the injured list
Quit the opposite. The little warrior continues to play with abandon.

C. The Sixers will be 10 games under .500
Not so grasshopper. The Denver win raised their record to .500

D. Billy King will still be the Sixers GM (sigh)

So 2-2.


Did you see that crazy assist by Iggy to win that game ... back to the basket, falling down ....

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