Friday, August 03, 2007

Long wait for AI's return to the Wac center

The Sixers 2007-08 Season Schedule has been released. They don't host the Nuggets until near the end of the season (3/19). They kick the season off where last season ended ... on the road against the Raptors. This time on Hallows eve (10/31). King James visits only once and it's the second to the last game of the season (4/14). But we get to see Greg Oden early (Nov. 16).

On March, 19 2008:
A. AI will get a standing O from the Sixers faithful
B. AI will be on the injured list
C. The Sixers will be 10 games under .500
D. Billy King will still be the Sixers GM (sigh)



Ricky - Sixers4guidos said...

I hope A) but I am afraid it's gonna be also C) and D) !!!

Jon said...

If it's not B, then A. I'm hoping against C & D.