Saturday, March 15, 2008

It's Miller time! Sixers Beat the Spurs

Yes, it's been a tough week for the Sixers. A look down the schedule revealed 5 games in 7 days. Not 5 scrubs games either; they faced the Buck, Celtics, Pistons, Bulls, and Spurs! 3 of 5 games on the road. 2 back to backs. Many thought ... 2-3 would be a good week and you better beat the Bucks to start in order to have a shot 2 wins. So what did they do ... they went 4-1 including a Sixers 103-96 win over the Spurs. The Sixers never trailed in the second half. If did not watch the Sixers this week you missed the most impressive week of hoops they have played yet this season. They are one game below .500 at 33-34 and have a solid seventh seed position in the playoffs with a 4 game lead over the 8th spot. They now have an identity ... this is Sixers basketball!

Andre Miller with an aching back was the star of the game. Miller's line was simply superb ... 32 points (season high), 5 rebs and 2 steals. He just knows how to give this team what its needs ... when it needs it.

Andre Igoudala keeps showing us that he's got skills! The jumper he made with Bruce Bowens in his jock was clutch! He's scary when that rainbow jumper is falling. Teams have been packing it in to stop the drive. Now the jumper is a wide open shot and he's just draining it.

Franken-Sammy was on his meds tonite and manned up on Tim Duncan. Dalembert puts up a double double (10 & 10). I'm gonna give'em his props for a heads up game and leave it at that.

I don't want to hear any crap about the Sixers being lucky; the Spurs were a tired club, the Spurs lost to Detroit last nite, the Spurs have lost 4 in their last 5. Everybody has a tough schedule. I already mentioned the road the Sixers had to go this week. This was a quality win against the world champions.

Now it's Miller time for Dos Andre's and the squad .... sit back and crack open a cold one ... until Wednesday when you know who comes to down.

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Ricky - Sixers4guidos said...

LOL @ FrankenSammy, good one Rando

we was excellent indeed and I was impressed by Iguodala too... Miller will (deservely) get the most praise but it was a total team effort, and you are right, no excuses for the Spurs, we were in the second night of a back to back as well !!

Bring on Iverson's Nuggets !!