Thursday, February 14, 2008

Mr. Potato head sparks Sixers to win 5th straight game


The 76ers followed up their improbable Monday nite win over the Mavs with a win over the Memphis Grizzles 102-88. I'm certain they were inspired when Mr. Potato head (Wednesday nite's giveaway) donned the 76ers red, white, and blue. Not buying that? Well Mr. Potato wasn't enough to fill the area either. Nor was the Sixers continuing tribute to the last major league team to win a championship this city. Former Sixer and Grizzles head coach Marc Iavaroni was honored last nite.  "Marc who" was the sentiment from the crowd who applauded politely during the tribute.

Igoudala's shot was working last nite so the Sixers looked good. Iggy shot 3-7 from the 3 point line and finished with 29 points. All starters finished in double figures.

Thaddeus Young continues to impress. 12 points, 8 boards and 3 steals. I'm not sure how it came across on TV, but the steal in the 2nd half was amazing. Young deflected a ball ... managed to control it ... started the fastbreak and went coast to coast for the score. The talent he exhibits for a 19 year old is impressive. There is no doubt he helps make the Sixers better when he is on the floor.

So the Sixers take a 5 game winning streak into the all-star break. They'll go home and kick their feet up for a couple of days. Sorry to upset you fans of tanking the season. As of today ... the Sixers are in the playoffs.

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Ricky - Sixers4guidos said...

ahahahhaaha, love the Mr Potato head pic, I stole that !!

all these wins worry me, and next comes Minnesota...

Thad is a beast, he's my fav Sixers