Saturday, February 09, 2008

Home Sweet Home

It seems like some home cooking has been good for the Sixers. We Sixers fans were treated to 2 straight home wins. Of course the opponents had something to do with it also. The Wizards are struggling to toe the line without Agent 0 and dropped their 4th straight game. And the Miami Heat don't command the respect they used to. Add in the fact they where playing their first game without Shaq and you can just about lock in a Sixers W.

You can plainly see D. Wade's frustration from the look on his face. You look at the Heat roster and you don't recognize any of the names. Shawn Marion has gotta help some. But he's no savior. He just not a Eastern conference baller (IMHO) and comes with a lot of bags.

And what about Shaq ... I think its a good deal for him. He doesn't have to fit the Suns up temp style. All he has to do is be ready for the playoffs. He is on the team for one reason and one reason only ... to match up against Tim Duncan.

Talkin' about Shaq ... did you see that  funny story on True Hoops about the Hawks vs Heat game the teams have to replay. It was ruled in error that Shaq fouled out with a minute left. So the have to replay the final minute again! But now Shaq or any of the other player in the trade participate in the re-play, because of the trade.

Go figure.

Anyhow ... the Sixers. Standing at 20-30 the Sixers need to play .500 ball from here on out if the are to best last seasons record. And the best way to do that is win home games like they have done so far this week. The Sixers faithful (that actually attends games) appreciate it also :). Winning win-able games like the last two are perhaps even more important. The schedule gods have sets it up quit nicely for the Sixers ... 3 more games left on this home stand. With tonites home game versus the Clippers. Yes, the 16-30 Clippers ... who have reverted back to their old losing ways.


We will see ...


Ricky - Sixers4guidos said...

so we are 1/2 game awy from the playoffs, are you for making the postseason or tanking it, bro ??

I'd pick #2 but #1 wouldn't hurt much, honestly...

Rando said...

It's hard not to be in the playoff hunt, because the conference is so loaded with bottom feeders. Which means the 8th seed(and maybe the 7th) could have a losing record. I don't see any point in that. I don't like say 'tank' games, but I would rather see them win/lose with the young players on the floor. Let the chips fall where they may.