Friday, February 29, 2008

7-0@Home but the next 3 on the road

I'm a big believer in the basketball gods. Some heavenly body that watches over the karma of the game. The NBA schedule is one of those domains ruled by the basketball gods. Every team has a brutal schedule. But the brutality isn't measured out the same every nite. The basketball gods see to that. Back to backs ... coast to coast road trips ... Texas two steps ... home and homes ... 3 games in 5 nites. But some nites the schedule favors your team. The Sixers have been making hay at home ... winning 7 straight. I enjoyed watching them handle the Magic on Wednesday nite. You can thumb your nose at the opponents, but you gotta give them credit for taking advantage when the schedule favors them.

I appreciate Marc's comments about the schedule as he covers the team. He notes a rough ride to start their 3 game road trip starting in Golden State tonite. Golden State will be playing its fourth of five straight home games and the Warriors have been off since Tuesday’s 105-99 win over Seattle. Maybe they will be rusty after the layoff?

Playoff Bound

If you hadn't heard the Sixers have reached the 7th seed in the playoff chase. The ideal spot is the 6th seed to avoid Detroit or Boston in the first round. So if you are rooting for a playoff berth you want to see them pass another team.

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