Friday, February 29, 2008

Baron Davis is the best guard in the nba?

Okay ... were talking about this in the shop the other day.


Who's the better guard (1) Baron Davis or (2) Steve Nash.

What followed was a series of rhetorical questions like ... what do you mean better point guard or shooting guard? Baron Davis is better than Nash one on one. What do you mean better guard for his team? Baron Davis is a better defender. What do mean his the best guard in the nba ... period.

We all agreed that Davis had the better slam dunks and left it at that.


Anonymous said...

Was this argument strictly between Davis and Nash assuming these were #1 and #2 point guards in the NBA?

Because right now I don't even think its a question that Chris Paul is the best point guard in the NBA with Deron Williams second.

Rando said...

Strictly a comparison between the two. Somehow Nash's two MVP's got tossed in, which arguable make him the best point guard (that year).

I agree CP3 would be the best. To bad he plays in such a small market.