Sunday, February 10, 2008

1,000 games ... Are you kidding me?

Last nite's game was the 1,000th regular-season Sixers game announced by Sixers radio play-by-play announcer Tom McGinnis. This is McGinnis' 13th season with the Sixers. Hard to believe it's been that long. I think the last announce was ... ah ... Neil Funk?

Any way kudos to Tom. I have to say he calls an excellent game. I recall the 1st time I heard him. It was amazing! In those days he called the entire game by himself! Not just the play by play. He did color, analyzed the game and sold popcorn at half time.


Anonymous said...

Tom McGinnis is the best. I find it near impossible to believe that anyone could possibly like Zumoff better.

McGinnis says so much by saying so little. His delivery is phenomenal and he doesn't come up with stupid nicknames like the other jackass.

McGinnis is among my few favorite play by play guys in any sport. Hopefully he's here another several thousand games.

Rando said...

McGinnis called the game for TV tonite. I think thats the next logical step for him. For some reason I like 'em better on the radio.