Saturday, January 19, 2008

Okay ... so I overreacted a little

Okay ... so overreacted a little. The Sixers losing streak was making it difficult to watch. Hey ... I know they are not going to win a lot of games. But 0 for '08 was getting a little old. And the specter of this week's opponent (San Antonio, Houston, Boston ) on the road made it seem like the first win in '08 could be awhile. But the basketball gods don't look ahead at the schedule. The Spurs game was a rerun of the sorts. The Sixers ran out of steam in the 4th (L 82-89). But they come up with a gem in Houston(W 111-107). No way they could win in Boston.

But there they were ... slugging it out against the C's. Their play was a joy to watch. At least for 3 periods. Then the wheels fell off. The result ... L 89-116. But it was Boston. You just don't want to get spanked by the best team in the league. Although that 4th period was pretty humbling.

The play of Samuel Dalembert has not been lost during my delusional state this year. The Haitian sensation (yea corny) has been consistently in double figures every nite. No huge brain farts. He's been rebounding and blocking shots or intimidating them. I'm not a big Sammy fan, but I have to call it like I see it. He has been giving starter performances lately. He was huge in the Rockets game (19 pts, 6 Rebs, 2 blocks). The block at the end of the game was clutch.

I know the Sixers won't be contenders this year. I know they have been playing hard and showing steady improvement. That all good. I just need a win sprinkled in every now and then.


Ricky - Sixers4guidos said...

fair enough Rando

Lou Will emerging, Sam's consistancy and some flashes of Thad Young have been the best things happened to the Sixers so far. In that order

ok, I'm not considering the firing of Billy King, LOL

Anonymous said...

Rando--------don't get sucked into Sammy's occasional highlights`.The guy has no basketball sense and he basically benefits from a lack of centers bacross the board.Is Rodney a stiff? Thad and Lou look promising along with Jason Smith-Thank God Billy King is gone! The only thing worse could be the resurrection of you know who!